South Midlands Area Jockey Register


Dan Collins

Telephone Number: 07891882932

Email Address:

Age: 24

Weight: 11st

Hunt issuing RQC: Kimblewick

Winners Ridden: 13

Brief Profile: Based at Lawney & Alan Hill's. Previously worked for Paul Nicholls. Willing to school and travel to get rides. 

Thomas Greenwood

Telephone Number: 07904 889779

Email Address:

Age: 17

Weight: 9'7

Hunt issuing RQC: Vale of Lune

Winners Ridden: 2

Brief Profile: Had two successful years pony racing, winning leading coming 2nd in the National Riders Championship and in my first season pointing, my form reads 6th, 4th, 2nd, 1st, 1st and 5th, from 6 rides.
Been riding all my life, hunting, showjumping, schooling, training my own pointers etc.
Worked at the yards of Ferdy Murphy, James Ewart, Hugh Mcwilliams and Richard Ford and hold a Cat A license.


Claire Hart

Telephone Number: 07808 511705

Email Address:

Age: 29

Weight: 10st

Hunt issuing RQC: Farmers Bloodhounds

Winners Ridden: 23 pointing, 1 hunter chase

Brief Profile: I have been very lucky to ride some wonderful horses for great people and am always on the lookout for more rides to further my ambitions. Available to school and willing to travel. 2012 AGA Ladies Champion

Sam Davies-Thomas

Telephone Number: 07769 337473

Email Address:

Age: 20

Weight: 11st

Hunt issuing RQC: Pytchley

Winners Ridden: 12

Brief Profile: 
Based with Caroline Bailey, Northants. 4th season pointing.

3rd in the 2012 National Novice Title with 8 winners. Willing to travel/school if needed. 

Mikey Ennis

Telephone Number: 07881 425224

Email Address:

Age: 30

Weight: 10st

Hunt issuing RQC: Berwickshire

Winners Ridden: 23

Brief Profile: Now based with David Pipe, formerly Northern Area Nov champ & Runner up Nationally, Runner up H/C rider last season & top 5 Amateur. Will Travel anywhere for decent rides.


Ian Chanin

Telephone Number: 07792299543

Email Address:

Age: 23

Weight: 10 st

Hunt issuing RQC: Berkeley

Winners Ridden: 80


Will Telfer

Telephone Number: 07971349454

Email Address:

Age: 25

Weight: lowest weight 10.10

Hunt issuing RQC: Bicester

Winners Ridden: 25

Brief Profile: 2010/11 South Midlands Area Champion, plenty of experience. willing to school or ride work..


Robert Hogg

Telephone Number: 07548934272

Email Address:

Age: 19

Weight: 10st

Hunt issuing RQC: Cotswold Vale

Winners Ridden: 0

Brief Profile: Amateur Jockey based with Tom George, Second season riding with experience riding both in points and under rules. I am new to the area and looking for opportunities, I am willing to come and school and ride out if possible, would appreciate a call.

Mark Wall

Telephone Number: 07990 995053

Email Address:

Age: 35

Weight: 10 7

Hunt issuing RQC: VWH

Winners Ridden: lots!!

Brief Profile: ridden plenty , but always on the look out for more !!!!!

Lutie Akinci

Telephone Number: 07868136085

Email Address:

Age: 20

Weight: 10st

Hunt issuing RQC: Pytchley Hunt

Winners Ridden: 1

Brief Profile: Female Jockey looking for rides. Work for Caroline and Gerald Bailey. School and work ride on a daily basis. Had my first season race riding last year, I had 6 rides, a winner and a 3rd for Caroline and Gerald. Available to school and willing to travel.

Alex Dunn

Telephone Number: 07738 512 924

Email Address:

Age: 25

Weight: 10st

Hunt issuing RQC: Worcestershire

Winners Ridden: 33

Siobhan Doolan

Telephone Number: 07902561321

Email Address:

Age: 21

Weight: 10st

Hunt issuing RQC: Cumberland Farmers

Winners Ridden: 9 (5 points) (4 track)

Brief Profile: Winner of Princess Royal 2011. 3rd overall Ladies flat turf season 2012. Rode Sir Frederick for Liam Burke in Ireland last season, which was an honour given he won the Galway Plate but more again because Liam usually never uses lady Jockeys

Based in Bershire but ride mostly up North. Willing to travel/school anywhere!

'Have saddle will travel'